DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

There are so many spooky Halloween wreaths out there but frankly, I think the price tags are equally as frightful. I am a huge fan of Fall decor and don’t even start me on Christmas but my Halloween decorating is minimal at best. I can’t justify having a huge amount of decorations for just one night (ok, yes ironic since Christmas is technically one day as well). So I took things into my own hands using Michael’s 40% off one full priced item coupon and made this MINDLESSLY easy, spider web wreath which ended up costing just $7!

DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

You will need just three items:

  1. Plain, twig wreath (whatever size you want!)
  2. Spider Web
  3. Spiders, of course!

DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

Depending on where you are placing this and what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, you may need to use wire or glue to secure your spiders. Due to the family of geckos that likes to move into all my front door wreaths and then try jump into my house, I will probably use this indoors as wall decor! If you are displaying the wreath inside then those spider legs pretty much secure themselves between the twigs. One less step – score!

Obviously these wreaths are supposed to be round (duh!) but they are inexpensive and all vary. Choose wisely at the store. When you are ready to start, lay it flat on a table and decide what point will be the top (where it will sit on the door hanger/nail).

DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

After this you get to play with your webbing. I used a very small amount, stretching it to the max to ensure it looked more real. The more you use, the clumpier it will be. I wound the web around one side, spending time making it look as true to life as I could. You could also arrange it width ways across the bottom half or indeed, all over the entire wreath.

DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

Next up – spiders! Sparkly, plastic spiders are much more acceptable than live, hairy ones. This pack had six in it but I used just four. Again, depending on your wreath size, it’s up to you. You’re all set! Did I mention this was TOO easy?!

DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

Let me know if you’ve made your own Halloween wreath!



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  1. How cute!! I’m definitely a fan of the more simple seasonal DIYs, and this is right up my alley!! What a neat little way to welcome the Halloween season. Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Very cute! I am obsessed with fall, halloween, and Michaels in the fall and halloween time. Lol I went the other day and seriously had to control myself in the halloween aisle. I did buy a bunch of halloween and fall stickers for my planner, though! 🙂

  3. FUN! I would never have thought of this wreath idea! COOL! I did make a wreath at the end of September to hang for October’s Halloween. It’s up on my blog; I only had to buy the wreath frame and was given the garland from my sister’s neighbor who was just getting rid of it! Was fun to make and a great price! LOL

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