Unique Succulent Arrangements

Succulents don’t ask for much making them a beginners favorite. Most varieties can be planted in small containers and because of this you can be as creative as you like when it comes to your planter of choice. I’ve planted them in teacups, terrariums, regular clay pots and even shallow dishes. Here is a roundup of some really unique succulent arrangements and planter ideas. Hopefully you will be inspired to come up with something just as wacky and wonderful!

Unique Succulent Arrangements

5 Unique Succulent Arrangements

Harvest Pumpkin Planter

Perfectly in keeping with the time of year, why not decorate accordingly with your succulents? I love this idea!


Troll Doll Planter

This one cracked me up. I had these troll dolls as a child and I would spend hours brushing and styling their crazy hair. These would look so funny with any climbing succulent!


The Wall Mounted Letter Planter is probably my favorite idea here! What a unique way to arrange your succulents and also have a beautiful piece of outdoor decor!

Wall Mounted Letter Planter

Similarly if you love a wreath on your front door to greet your guests, then try this DIY Succulent Wreath.


Stuck for space? How about a Vertical Garden?!

Vertical Garden

Have you tried any of these arrangements? Let me know about your quirky succulent arrangements in the comments!





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  1. I love the vertical garden, there’s a perfect place for it on the porch! I’m scared to put mine outside here in VA though because of the incoming cold weather. I guess I’ll keep ’em all inside as I do now 🙂 Cute ideas!


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