Eat, Drink & Be Scary! The Ultimate Halloween Party Essentials

Americans may have been the ones to turn Halloween into the party that it is but did you know it’s the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain? Samhain (pronounced sow-in) marked the end of the harvest and the coming of Winter in old pagan times. The night of Halloween celebrates the short window of time in which the souls of the dead return to visit.

Ultimate Halloween Party Essentials

So there you go, it’s all a little darker than dressing like a minion and eating copious amounts of sweets!

The irony in my being in the US and enjoying Halloween now is that the holiday terrified me my whole life. Everything scares me. For about 12 years my brothers kept me out of their bedroom by threatening me with masks…

America celebrates everything and that is just one reason I love it here. I now have a vast collection of Autumn and Halloween decor which I just love to put up! This is my first year visiting a pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins and properly passing out candy the true American way and I am so excited. What I am not doing but would love to, at least one year is to throw a Halloween party. I’ve been snooping around Pinterest and here’s a list I put together of the ultimate halloween party essentials. Whether its decor, food, drinks or costumes to wear there’s something for the whole family.

Let me just put out a little disclaimer, these are all things I think are fun/clever/adorable and I hope you will too. I’m personally, not a fan of foods and decorations that are graphic or gory so you won’t find that sort of thing around here 🙂

The Ultimate Halloween Party Essentials

Deadly Decorations

halloween decorations

Also check out my recent post DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath for an inexpensive and simple project!

Frightening Food

halloween party food

Find the recipes below!

  1. Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers 2. Witches Broom Marshmallow Pops 3. Mummy Pretzels 4. Monster Fruit Salad

Devilish Drinks

halloween party cocktails

See the recipes here!

  1. Devil’s Margarita 2. The Raven 3. Liquified Ghost 4. Hocus Pocus

For the too-cool-for-school men in your life who won’t drink girly looking cocktails *eye roll* why not try a cinnamon-brown sugar rim on the glass of their favorite seasonal beer?! It adds a fun twist!

Clever Costumes

I am a big fan of DIY costumes and not only are they cheaper than store bought but you will always be unique! If you choose a good one, you can potentially re-use whatever supplies you buy to make it.


couples costumes

Oh my, I just LOVE these relatively simple ideas!

ET, Deer & Deer Hunter, Lightening Strike and Forrest Gump & Jenny


kids costumes

  1. Rain Cloud by make it love it 2. Crazy Cat Lady by Crafty Morning 3. Sadness from Inside Out by love and lionSignOff





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  1. These are great! I SO wanted to throw a halloween party this year, (I threw one last year and it was my first party i ever threw and it went really well but this year october seemed to fly by and I just didn’t plan anything and now it’s kinda too late…we are going to a space themed party next weekend though so that will be awesome! Sometimes it’s nice to just have someone else do the planning. These are all amazing ideas!

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