Why I Try (And You Should Too!)

I tried before to get y’all to love Mondays and guess what? Not all of you bought it. But I tried. I tried to spread the #mondaymotivation and quell the negativity.

Why I Try

I’m kind of a hypocrite though. Not regarding Monday but regarding negativity. It invades my head space an awful lot. It’s hard to shake because loneliness doesn’t exactly breed positivity. I spend a vast quantity of time alone mid-week with no support. It can be very hard to find any motivation to escape the negative thoughts let alone live life to the full. In most cases I view my problems as unsolvable black holes where all hope goes missing but I have come to recognize that depressive attitude and instead stop it in its tracks and try to seek potential solutions.

I have learned to be present in the moment and step back, calm down and approach the situation from a different angle. We cannot solve our problems with the same attitude in which we created them so we must attempt an alternative mindset. Changing ones mind is not an easy task but we must try.

To go all in to whatever you want to do, is one thing. To even attempt it, is another.

Try Quote

I can’t stress enough, the importance of trying. We so often convince ourselves that it won’t be worth our while, or that we will fail, or that it won’t work out so why should we try?

Try Quote

To try is empowerment. To try is freedom. To try is the motivation you need to succeed. To try is the beginning of the momentum that keeps us going. Just beginning something can often change our perspective about how challenging we see a situation and sometimes the second we begin, we lighten the load and gain enough confidence to proceed.

Try Quote

Have you got any Monday Motivation to share?

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  1. “We cannot solve our problems with the same attitude in which we created them so we must attempt an alternative mindset”

    That got me assessing all the reasons why some of my problems persist. Maybe, I’m trying to solve them with the same mindset I created them with. Time to try something new.

    Thank You, Sincerely

  2. Hey girl,
    So I never spend anytime alone! Like none at all! But my feelings of loneliness are there just the same. I have a two year old and an almost one year old. So although I am never alone there isn’t much sophistication and intelligent conversations going on. I have to consistently remind myself to stay positive and one day I will wish that my babes were little again! 🙂

    1. Yes I do agree that Monday is a start to a new week. I always hope that the new week will be better than the one before.sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t,but I do try and stay positive.

  3. Totally agree with keeping trying but also be ok with failure. I think embracing failure can lead to you not giving up and therefore trying becomes a natural mechanism once the resistance of being afraid to fail is removed.
    One of personal mantras (particularly in business and with my blog) is keeping moving forward no matter how small the step. It helps reinforce the reasons to keep trying and making headway toward your goals.
    Great article Amy, I enjoyed the read. Also have to say I LOVE the design on the quotes in your post, very shareable!

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