Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

I haven’t documented much of my pregnancy on the blog because I wanted to keep it private but now a part of me wishes I had! Time has flown by and it has truly surprised me how fleeting these moments really are. It’s hard to believe I am in the final weeks of this pregnancy – single digits now!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

I swore at the beginning I would take a weekly bump photo and it saddens me that I didn’t. I was either too busy, feeling too gross or just forgot until I was already into another week. During the first 16 weeks, there was no bump to photograph anyway! Personally, I like to read about what different women experience at different stages. No two pregnancies are the same but it can be comforting to know what you could expect or even just know you aren’t alone in what you are experiencing. Now that I have officially entered the third trimester, I have decided to post a little update.

Third Trimester Bumpdate 30

How far along?

30 weeks

Baby’s Size

A cantaloupe according to my app! Baby weighs over 3.5 lbs

Total weight gain

18 lbs

Maternity clothes

Over-the-bump jeans (H&M Mama maternity skinny jeans are LIFE! They are super affordable too and often on sale.) since week 16 and some maternity tops since week 25 although most weren’t necessary they were just cute. I still have many wearable non-maternity tops. All my leggings are my pre-pregnancy ones.

Stretch marks

None, yet but the itchiest skin >.<


There’s three scenarios here:
  1. If I can get to sleep at a decent hour, I am out until baby uses my bladder as a punching bag. Which is usually about 1000 times a night. In this case I usually get back to sleep.
  2. I get to sleep after midnight but then sleep through until the early morning.
  3. No sleep at all due to an overactive mind, baby thoughts, baby’s movement, wacky dreams and/or restless legs.

Longing for

  1. To nest. All day every day. I have an insatiable desire to organize ALL THE THINGS!
  2. A somewhat comfortable sleep position.
  3. To finally meet baby.


Lots and lots. It’s always a party in there. Mostly early in the morning, late afternoon and around 10pm. Now that baby is getting a bit cramped in there, the movements are less…violent!


Nothing odd and nothing in particular! If I had to say anything I would say cinnamon rolls. But you don’t need to be pregnant to want those all the time.


Some occasional morning weakness before breakfast. Since I was so sick in the first trimester I figure it will strike again somewhere in the third.


Waiting for baby to reveal all!


Indigestion after most foods but not so much heartburn, difficulty sleeping, back ache, fatigue, general lack of motivation to do anything and although my bump is small – the beginning of a very attractive waddle.

Belly button in or out?

A weird, neither in nor out at the moment and it freaks me out so much.

Wedding rings on or off?

Still on although at the end of most days they don’t want to come off.

Happy or moody most of the time

Both. Predominantly moody though. Mostly feeling a mix of excitement and overwhelm in these weeks where baby has become more ‘real’.

Looking forward to

Completing the nursery, finalizing name options, trying to relax knowing everything is ready (HA! When will that be?!) and giving you another update!
 Third Trimester Bumpdate 30




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  1. It all sounds so familiar, yet also feels like a lifetime ago! I was only wondering the other day of you had found out the gender, we weren’t patient enough so kudos to you! Lol. Not long now and you’ll be holding that beautiful Bub xx

  2. This is perfect for me to know! I’m 20 weeks right now, so it was lovely to read about what I have to look forward to. I’m totally freaked out about my belly button too lol! I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one with itchy skin and interesting sleep scenarios. You look absolutely lovely with your 30 week bump 🙂

  3. Congrats and I’m glad everything is progressing perfectly. Keep those updates coming. 🙂

    Jade |

  4. Congratulations! What a lovely way to document your third trimester (you can even share with your child later down the track!). I wish I did something like this with my pregnancy too!
    Looking gorgeous too 🙂

  5. You look amazing at 30 weeks! I remember having a tiny bump in my first pregnancy, but the second time around now, I had to pull out my H&M maternity pants, like, the minute my pregnancy test came out positive. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. You look very beautiful! Can’t wait to see posts once the baby has arrived! As a daddy to 4 kids there is nothing like having a beautiful pregnant wife. Congratulations!

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