What To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

Do you have an upcoming trip to Ireland but no idea what to pack? One of the questions I get asked many times in America is if it rains all the time in Ireland. I think most Irish people will answer with a resounding “yes” but in truth, it doesn’t! We definitely have our unfair share of cold, overcast and dreary days which monopolize any memories of sunshine. We certainly do have unfortunate spells of wet weather but ‘all the time’ seems like an exaggeration to me. Ireland is a beautiful country and when the sun shines it is out of this world!

What To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

You could arrive in Ireland and be greeted with a miserable period of wet weather or a stretch of brilliant, warm, sunshine but more than likely you will experience a whole range of weather systems in one day! Packing for all eventualities and a variety of different activities can be hard work. Add in the complications of carry-on luggage if you aren’t the type to check a bag. Whether it’s an extended stay touring Ireland or the first leg of a larger European trip, I will provide you with some tips to make packing for Ireland stress-free, practical and stylish!

What To Pack For Ireland

VERSATILITY. Choose versatile, mix & match items of clothing. If you’re traveling during the Winter then shorts and sun dresses clearly won’t be required. I find it an awful lot easier to dress for cold weather. Choose neutral colored sweaters or cardigans to wear over jeans or trousers. If you’re visiting during milder times then these items can also we worn with capris and shorts.

LAYERS. Layers are key when packing for volatile weather. In Summer pack tank tops, tees and shirts to layer over shorts/jeans. In Winter, thermal long sleeved t-shirts are exceptional at keeping you warm under lightweight sweaters but still allowing you to wear a warm jacket and scarf without looking and feeling like the Michelin man.

RAIN COAT. Invest in a good rain coat. Don’t scrimp on your style, there’s a vast quantity of trendy, practical rain coats on the market. Bad weather doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck wearing an ugly pac-a-mac a-la the 90’s. I can only dream of the Burberry Trench Mac!

Coats To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


BOOTS. I wear boots from probably October to April in Ireland. I won’t even tell you how many pairs I own. If you’re not into boots then splash out on a comfortable walking shoe. The Cliffs of Moher or Giant’s Causeway won’t be kind to your $15 Forever 21 ballet pumps. In fact, in a shower of rain they will probably disintegrate. If you’re more casual and prefer the likes of Converse or athletic shoes then I suggest something leather rather than fabric. Even if it doesn’t rain you might find yourself walking through grass, dirt or sand.

Boots To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


Shoes To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


GET PHYSICAL. Pack your fitness gear if you’re that way inclined. There are endless hiking and biking opportunities throughout the country, not to mention gym facilities at your hotel it would be rather annoying to have to repurchase that stuff.

ACCESSORIES. Accessories are your best friends. No I don’t mean oversized earrings or a feather boa. I’m talking about hats, scarves and gloves! Whether it’s a peaked cap, wool beanie or stylish fedora – Ireland can be breezy. A lot of the most beautiful things to see here are in mountainous areas and along the coast or bodies of open water, it WILL be breezy even in the Summer. As for scarves, light ‘summer scarves’ can more or less always be worn and come in handy on those windy excursions. During the Winter a chunky knit scarf will not go astray.

Accessories To Wear On A Trip To Ireland

ESSENTIALS. Always and I mean always have a compact umbrella tucked away in your bag. You might pull it out for 5 minutes or 5 hours but either way you’ll be dry. You can probably leave the insect repellent at home but always pack sun cream and lip balm – you’d be surprised how sneaky the sun can be even when it’s freezing out and the elements are never kind to your lips. I like to take my camera everywhere and also utilize the camera on my phone. Power banks are handy little gadgets for long days on the go. Google maps is a must have f you rent a car in Ireland or even if you just wander around cities.

Handbag Essentials On A Trip To Ireland

I hope this post makes choosing what to pack for Ireland easier, check out my other post on Packing Your Bags Like A Pro for additional packing tips!

Bon Voyage!


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  1. I could’ve used this list three years ago! I was interning abroad in London, and I basically grew up in Florida, so packing was SO hard. I did have a cute Betsey Johnson rain coat, though, and that saved me many, many mornings!

    I’m hoping to convince Boyfriend to go to Ireland in the next few years… pinning this list in the mean time πŸ˜‰

    – Hannah, http://www.thecatsandcoffee.com

  2. Timing of this post is perfect, as my friend and sister are going to Ireland the end of this month and we are traveling back there in September! Thanks!

  3. Ha ha ha! Being from and living in Ireland I could write this post Amy! Its such a pain even for an Irish girl like me as you literally have to pack for all four seasons all year round. Not an easy feat as you well know Amy. X

  4. Well, let me tell you something: Dublin was wet. Very wet. So wet that one guy at the airport wanted to give me a towel when I got in just like I was walking out of a shower. πŸ™‚
    I think the boots and rain coat options are the best πŸ™‚

  5. I have no plans to go for a trip this time but looking at your post i really want to escape my mundane life and fly to ireland … keeping your post handy , if by any good luck or chance i get to visit this beautiful place…

  6. I have never been to Ireland so it is interesting to think about what to bring there. I have heard that it rains a lot there but it is nice to know you just need to prepared for the rain! Your jacket ideas were so cute!

  7. Hi, I have a scheduled trip to Ireland in August. this pretty much gives me some tips on what to pack and what not to take along. I believe in travelling light so i will pack accordingly.

  8. All my Irish friends seem to say the same thing, it rains too much but when its sunny its amazing. This is a lovely post and very thorough too

  9. Being in LA we always dress in layers too but for other reasons! And I don’t have a raincoat since in LA we hardly ever get rain but we really need it! Love the boots too, wish we could wear the all year long but it gets too hot here in LA!

  10. Ireland has been on my list for a long time. I did visit London but ran out of time then. Now I should go there.. Loved your tip about Boots – “Even if it doesn’t rain you might find yourself walking through grass, dirt or sand”..

  11. Ireland is definitely on my travel list. One of my friend lives there and she is a blogger too. She often shares posts on Ireland and things to do and see there. Thanks for sharing these tips. I will keep them in mind.

    Fatima | http://www.blogsbyfa.com

  12. It feels a bit like that here in Manchester as well, sometimes sunny in the morning, then raining all afternoon (but mostly raining, unfortunately!) Excellent suggestions of what to pack, loved all items, specially the boots (I actually love boots). I have always meant to visit Ireland, and for some reason haven’t yet. But it’s definitely something to do soon.

  13. Always smart to pack layering pieces! Vancouver has pretty unpredictable weather as well – and a raincoat is always a necessity!

  14. What a great list!!!!! I’ve heard that packing layers helps a lot when traveling to Ireland! Hope my travels take me there one day.

    1. Spring is not really a season here unfortunately. It can remain quite chilly up until May. The reason I didn’t divulge into a list of Summer wear is because although our weather gets milder during the Summer, very hot days are not common. Traveling here during the Summer months definitely requires keeping a sharp eye at the temperatures on your weather app. If it’s going to be warm then by all means pack the shorts and tee-shirts for your adventures but jeans are probably always going to come in handy.

  15. Great tips! I’ve been dying to go to Ireland for such a long time! I learned the hard way that flats are not the answer – but I love how you mentioned that Forever 21 flats will just disintegrate – so true!

  16. it’s all those jackets and layers that prevent us from travelling while we have little kids.. it’s seem too difficult.. not saying impossible but I rather not.
    I have family there so hopefully one day with the kids are older Ireland will sound like a good idea.

  17. Great post! I would love to go back to Ireland again! It’s been a while since Ive been there! My childhood priest lives there and I would love to visit him! I also wear boots but more like year round here! haha!

    1. Oh I didn’t know you had been that’s so cool! I can imagine how necessary the boots are in Norway!

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