How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

Since I have had the ability to read, I have been a bookworm. While reading seems to be a love it or hate it pastime, it is a pastime I cannot imagine living without. As well as something to do, reading allows one to escape the banal, live other lives and learn without limitation. There are many things I want for my daughter, one of which is to instill the same love of reading that her Dad and I have. To see Isolde enjoying books will make my heart so happy. In fact, some of the first things I bought for baby’s room, while pregnant, were books!

This post is in partnership with ‘I See Me’ Books. I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

Read bedtime stories

Reading to newborns has been linked to early speech development, wider vocabularies and better listening and communication skills. Aside from setting your child up for these benefits, some quiet story time with baby can be a lovely bonding experience.

Create a cozy reading nook

There’s something satisfying about having your own quiet space to curl up with your book, young kids like this just as much!

Visit the book stores

You don’t necessarily need to buy a book each time but make visiting the book store a fun treat. Is there anything more exciting than a child asking to check out the new releases?!

Join your local library

Books can be expensive. Especially new releases! Visit the library and choose from thousands of titles for free or a nominal annual membership fee. Usually the children’s section also offers fun arts and crafts activities and story telling events.

Start a seasonal book buying tradition

Whether they are new titles or pre-loved, start a tradition of acquiring a book for each season/event. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,  Independence Day, Christmas etc. It’s a great way to learn about the origins of the holidays while still having fun. Growing up I would also get a new book before vacations or as a gift on vacation.

Read a book about them!

Isolde at just 4 weeks old, was lucky enough to be gifted with another book to add to her rapidly growing collection. This book though, is incredibly special. It is a a personalized book from I See Me which is all about her. I adore it and I hope she will too. There is something so special about customized books in which the individual child is the protagonist of the story.

How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

Since I met her Dad, we have traveled all over Europe and the United States and so the book It’s Fancy To Be Me was the perfect choice. In the book, Isolde travels around the world experiencing the traditional dress and unique cultures of the places she visits. It is the sweetest story with gorgeous illustrations!

How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

The best part of the book is that the illustrations can be customized to have your child’s hair/eye/skin color making for total customization. As well as this, her full name and date of birth is included in the first page along with a dedication of your choosing.

How To Nurture A Baby Bookworm

I am already planning my next purchase from I See Me for both Isolde and gifts for others. I was impressed with the quality and the book was delivered within one week. As well as books, you can also purchase adorable puzzles, lunch boxes and growth charts. If Isolde is anything like me she will be a puzzle master 🙂

You can check out more of what I See Me has to offer here






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  1. That’s awesome you can customize hair color and all of that too. Great tips for raising a bookworm. I’m always bringing my oldest niece and nephew to the library – and buying them books.


  2. I was quite a bookworm myself as a child, and I remember my mum always brought me with her to the library when she was borrowing books. She always took me to the children’s department, and borrowed books I liked too. Sometimes she would read for me, but when I got old enough to read myself, we would sit next to each other on the couch with one book each.

  3. Raising budding bookworms is really important to me as a fellow bookworm. We buy books for our kids for holidays as well. I also like checking out the book section at thrift stores. You can’t beat 50 cents for a children’s book! 🙂

  4. Great blog post! Reading is so important for all, no matter the age. My husband still has his personalized book from when he was in preschool!
    Also, it’s great to see your posts 🙂 congrats on your precious Isolde!


  5. I really loved this. My daughter has her favorite books (currently it’s Good Morning Thumper) and I enjoy reading to her. Maybe I should try more than just before bed to get some patience out of her!!

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