Maternity Essentials for the Stylish Mama To Be

Initially, the thoughts of a maternity wardrobe horrified me which is strange because I love fashion, shopping and everything related. It wasn’t the fact that I would need bigger clothes. Or the effort of shopping for them but simply the fact that if you stick the word ‘maternity’ in front of any item of clothing it seems to triple in price. The sting in that is the amount of time you will actually spend wearing these pieces. It is so short! So in my pregnancy ignorance I assumed I would get away with leggings and my loose tunic style tops for the next few months. Yeah, I quickly learned that isn’t going to happen. My bump is still teeny tiny but I am rocking the maternity jeans a good few weeks now. Undershirts have become weird belly tops and button down tops no longer button.

Maternity Essentials For The Stylish Mama To Be

With that, I have started to pick up a few key pieces that are versatile enough to build different outfits around. Think essential basics like leggings, tanks, long tees, tunics, casual jersey dresses and layering items like shirts, cardigans and blanket scarves.

Luckily I will be spending my pregnancy sporting Winter gear. I cannot imagine being pregnant in the height of a Georgia Summer, ick. However, Winter really only arrives here in January so there is no need for heavy coats and huge sweaters. With upcoming trips to Ireland and Huntsville, I will need some cold weather attire occasionally but I hope to pull this off by layering basics with chunky cardigans already in my wardrobe!

Comfort is the winner for me with style taking a close second. Here are some of my suggested essentials to get you through your Fall/Winter pregnancy in total comfort and the height of style 😉


Maternity Essentials

I would suggest buying these in white, grey and black or multiples of whichever your favorite color is! These are perfect for layering. Wear under sweaters, kimonos, cardigans, blazer etc. I love the longer length to cover the waistband of my jeans/leggings. If you are still doing the hair-tie trick with your pants, they are perfect for hiding that too!


Maternity Essentials

None of these are maternity pieces which I love because you’ll wear them long after baby arrives. Kimonos are light and airy and look great over leggings for a relaxed but dressed up look. I LOVE this plaid kimono, get your Autumn plaid shirt fix without battling buttons. Chunky knitwear is a no brainer when it comes to layers so it needs no explanation. How cute is this layered sweater? It’s also peplum which means you can wear it without the bump stretching it out! Win!


Maternity Essentials

Maternity jeans and a pair of comfy leggings (or 5!) will be absolutely lived in throughout your entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough to get a 40% off any single item code for H&M which allowed me to pick up these jeans for a steal. Overalls/dungarees are a love or hate maternity piece but I adore this skinny legged pair!


Maternity Essentials

If dresses are your style then they will be your splurge item. However if you find a casual dress that can take you from day to night then it will be an worthwhile investment! Add a wide brim hat and chunky statement jewelry to dress these basic dresses up! I personally would pair dress #4 with denim leggings and over the knee boots as I don’t like bare legs with knit dresses but to each their own.

Check out my ‘Bump Style’ Pinterest board for ways to wear similar styles



What were your holy grail maternity items?






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