Little Pumpkin

Autumn is finally, officially here and while everyone’s talking about all pumpkin everything, I’ve been keeping a tiny pumpkin of my own a big secret!

Little Pumpkin Cover


Scott Pregnancy Announcement

Did I get to the point quick enough? I feel like I could burst with relief from keeping it quiet for so long! I agonized for weeks  about whether or not I would announce this on the blog but I figured I would end up posting related articles. It would seem a little strange to suddenly become a ‘mom’ blogger without ever mentioning becoming a mother…

Baby Scott will be making an appearance next Spring. Baby’s photos probably won’t feature on the blog but our adventures undoubtedly will. He or she will be our greatest one of all!

Little Pumpkin

Everything coming our way is very exciting. I have loved everyone’s blog posts that have helped me through this pregnancy so far and given me great advice for the future. I’m pretty excited to become a part of the mom club!


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