Genius Baby Travel Products (+ My Tried & True Road Trip Hacks!)

I’m back! I couldn’t stand the sound of silence around here. With a month of inter-state road travel ahead, baby gear has been in the forefront of my mind. What will I absolutely need? What can I cut out? And what luxuries can I afford? By luxuries I don’t mean buying new gear – I mean those keep-everyone-sane items we already have that may or may not fit in our car. Like a mamaRoo or a ridiculous activity center.

Genius Baby Travel Products

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boon TRIP

We took baby on her first trip at seven weeks old. Before we left, I didn’t consider a blatant issue – bottle washing/drying! I packed my brushes and detergent of course but I found myself with nowhere to dry them except on a questionably clean surface. This brush and drying rack from boon is so clever! It’s small and compact and perfect for hotel stays and overnights at family members’ homes!

Sterilizing Bags

My mother actually sent me these before baby was even born and they are genius! Simply pour in the water and pop the bag into the microwave. You can use the bag up to 20 times before disposal and there’s a handy label on the back to tick off and keep track of each use.

Car Seat Cart

For air travel, you will require a car seat after you land. Traveling with a baby is already stressful but thinking of carrying luggage, baby bags, a stroller, a car seat and the baby virtually gives me a rash. This handy cart makes lugging the car seat through the terminal so much easier and you could probably throw your diaper bag on there too.

Babyzen YoYo

This one is PRICEY but I am amazed by its dexterity. It carries with the weight and ease of a tote bag and literally pops up from nothing with one swift hand motion. Genius.

Fisher Price On The Go Baby

I regret not getting this from birth. It’s a playpen, a bassinet, a sun shade and activity gym! I can see this thing being a winner in the grass at a picnic, at the beach to keep baby shaded and sand free and while traveling it’s a safe place to snooze and play!

boon SPOON

For older babies on solids, the boon spoon is genius for on-to-go feeds! Fill the silicone container with baby’s dinner and squeeze right from the spoon! The maximum height of laziness convenience!

Portable Sound Machine

My husband likes to sleep with a fan drowning out  noise. I like to sleep in silence. So we compromised and slept in silence 😀 However, since having baby we have purchased a sound machine. The white noise definitely keeps her asleep especially in a house with a noisy pup pad-footing around. When we travel to visit family or stay in hotels we have a lot of noise to contend with. A portable sound machine is perfect for such trips. It saves that awkward request of asking your gracious hosts to keep the noise down in their own home!

Baby Road Trip Hacks

  • Last time I was going on a trip I searched for travel-sized baby laundry detergent. Whether it was a pod or simple sachets of detergent, I discovered they were almost as expensive as full sized bottles. Ridiculous! My tip for doing baby laundry on a visit with family is to buy some travel sized cosmetic bottles and fill them with your own detergent. Utilize the tiny spray bottles for stain remover!
  • Zip clothing over snaps. Save the adorable outfits for on your trip. The style is wasted in the car seat and they are so inconvenient when it comes to backseat diaper changes and cramped space feeding/burping. I only put sleepsuits on baby when on the road and preferably ones with a zip!
  • The diaper bag and luggage is already packed with everything but the kitchen sink so I don’t have an additional ‘baby car kit’ that some people pack. BUT I always make sure I have diaper sacks and a roll of paper towels on hand in my back seat pouch. In the event of spit up, a leaky diaper and the resulting wet clothes I can mop up the damage and make sure the wet things and rubbish are contained in a plastic bag.
  • Keep a spare onesie and sleeper SEPARATE from your luggage. This saves a lot of time and frustration if you need to change baby.
  • Have an open mind. I am typically very timeline bound but since having the baby I have become very flexible with the clock. Baby might need to feed often especially in the newborn days. After feeds come diaper changes. The usual four hour road trip can easily become five or six when traffic and re-fueling stops are factored in. You’ve got to relax or everything that can go wrong, will.

What are your best travel hacks? Share the wealth 🙂


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