My Favorite Family Friendly Halloween Movies + Handy List!

Hey Y’all! ABC Family or Freeform as it’s now called (ick) has started it’s 13 Nights of Halloween movie extravaganza which means only one thing. THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES ARE NEXT. Just kidding. Sort of.

I hate when the season ends and I find I have missed one from my list of favorites. I’m so particular about my holiday traditions that I will not stray from the timeline in which I do them so I have to wait a whole other year for a second chance!

I’m giving away too much of my crazy right now…

Anyway, I’ve thrown this list together to refer to. On it you will find all my favorite family-friendly Halloween movies with a few bonus ones for the adults. I don’t like gore or really scary movies so these are just quirky and slightly spooky, psychological thrillers.

Family Friendly Halloween Movies

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