Fall Y’all + Must-Have Autumn Decor

My sister-in-law is the biggest Autumn fan or more specifically, Halloween fan! In fact, I was inspired to write this post after she sent me a message. She asked if Halloween decor was in stores in the US yet and since America does seasonal decor like nobody else the answer was of course, YES!

Fall Yall Must Have Autumn Decor

Autumn is simply referred to as ‘Autumn’ in Europe. No fuss and no falling leaves connotations just the plain and direct name of the season. I think the majority of America forgot that the season is called Autumn. When I use the term here, I’m often asked to either repeat myself or people repeat what I say in the Queen’s English and call me ‘proper’. After battling the Americanisms for quite a while now, this year I find myself saying ‘Fall’ quite a lot!

In Ireland, Autumn isn’t so much of a season as a soggy transition into Winter. The colorful, falling leaves are quickly helped along by rain and winds. They become more of a terrifying slip hazard than an aesthetic wonder. Last year we took a trip to Ohio in October and one of the most beautiful Autumn scenes I had ever seen was driving through parts of Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains. Since Europe doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving either, Halloween and Christmas are really the only decorate-able occasions.

Here in Coastal Georgia the kids return to school in early August. With the arrival of the school buses comes the closure of the swimming pools, the shelving of the summer clothes (which is CRAZY considering it’s still hot as heck until around November!) and the emergence of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. The decor I saw in every store last year became too difficult to resist and I purchased a few pieces. It became a running joke of my husband’s that if it was a leaf or pumpkin it couldn’t come in the door. I cannot wait to decorate our new house this Fall. I already plan a mini pumpkin-patch style feature on our front step. The US has truly reeled me in!

I’ve been perusing the stores and trawling the internet for some of my favorite, affordable pieces and here’s what I found!

Must-Have Fall Decor


Fall Pillow
Find this cute burlap style cushion at Etsy
This rustic Thanksgiving wood block is also from Etsy
How cute is this tealight holder from Pier 1?!
Feeling crafty? Get yourself to Joann’s where you can find this leafy garland. If you don’t have a mantle, try it on a banister or weave it through a wreath!
I love farmhouse decor and this milk canister from Hobby Lobby is super cute!
I found this pallet sign at Hobby Lobby this weekend and couldn’t leave it behind! It’s also 40% off!




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