DIY Table Transformation

My in-kitchen dining area is neither here nor there. The window and light fixture are misaligned which makes my compulsive tendencies twitch. Do I place my table in front of the window or do I center it beneath the light? Woe is me. To the other side of the table is my hallway and beyond, my front door. Which means when I sit down to eat, the world can join us through the side panel. Hi, neighbor!

DIY Table Transformation

We moved into our home 7 months ago now and despite a beautiful furnished dining room, I wanted to fill that gap. I committed the new home owner sin. DO ALL THE DECORATING AT ONCE! BUY ALL THE THINGS NOW! So I bought an inexpensive bar-height dining set for two. Ten minutes later, I hated it. Lesson learned. The decor in a new home is to be collected with patience and love. Not hasty gathering.

Last week, after searching the internet and every store in the world, I ordered a small, round pedestal table and two elegant fabric chairs. I purchased the table unfinished so I could make it my own.

I live in the house of espresso, guys.

Subconsciously, we have been buying dark colored wood furniture. IT’S. EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t help that our floors are also a dark walnut. When the dog lies down, sometimes I can’t even find him. So that’s helpful.

Since the curtains at the dining area window are a grey floral and the area rug is a mix of powder blues and grey, I chose grey chairs also. The leather ones in the dining room are…yes, espresso, so I NEED some color in my life. With this in mind, the last thing I wanted to see was a dark colored table so I grabbed a bottle of antique white wood stain and got down to business! The finish I desired was not overly distressed but not a solid white as I think that would be an eye sore within the coffee cave. I still wanted the piece to fit in with the modern vibe of the chairs and just look a little farm house-y.

The table was already sanded, prepped and ready to go so after giving it a quick, dry wipe down to remove any dust, I painted the surface with two coats. I started staining at the bottom of the table which seems counter-intuitive but it avoids drips from staining the pedestal before you get to it!

DIY Table Transformation

DIY Table Transformation

Once thoroughly dry, I sealed the table with a matte finish sealant. You could use a satin or gloss but I wanted more of a rough finish.

DIY Table Transformation

Alternative Method

An alternate way of finishing this table and achieving more of a distressed look would be to utilize a milk paint. Mix paint with parts water as per instructions and paint one coat.

Once dry, get a damp cloth and rub vigorously in spots you want to achieve the ‘worn’ look. The harder you work, the more distressed it will look (I’m glad I went with a stain because in this Georgia 100 degree and 110% humidity Summer, I would be the distressed one). This one definitely takes some elbow grease so make sure you’re prepared to do it!

It was so fun to do this for a few reasons

  1. It gave me a project of my own, something to do outside the monotony of daily life
  2. I purchased the table a lot more inexpensively than a finished product (you can also do this with hand-me-downs or market finds)
  3. I was able to do exactly what I wanted without settling for something that would simple ‘fit’.

DIY Table Transformation


Darby insisted on posing for this one!

Have you up-cycled a piece of furniture or completed a recent DIY project?

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Your little eat-in area is so cute! We’re about to get a major square footage upgrade so we’ll need a kitchen table and this looks like a fun project.

  2. It’s looks great!! I built my own entertainment center and wanted a white wash finish so I just took white paint, diluted it with water, painted it, and then came back with a dry cloth and rubbed it! It came out perfect! I love your table! It makes me want to come drink coffee with you lol!

  3. Love how this turned out! Out house is dark too. We put in cherry hard wood floors, and out cabinets were oak… I wanted them dark originally, but realized it would make out house feel like a dungeon! Lol Needless to say, I am now in the process of painting the cabinets white. It has made a huge difference.

  4. Love your use of words like the coffee cave & very nice project, along with a great description. Thanks for sharing & hope the new “bright” table is making a difference in the espresso house.

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