Genius Baby Travel Products (+ My Tried & True Road Trip Hacks!)

I’m back! I couldn’t stand the sound of silence around here. With a month of inter-state road travel ahead, baby gear has been in the forefront of my mind. What will I absolutely need? What can I cut out? And what luxuries can I afford? By luxuries I don’t mean buying new gear – I mean those keep-everyone-sane items we already have that may or may not fit in our car. Like a mamaRoo or a ridiculous activity center.

Genius Baby Travel Products

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boon TRIP

We took baby on her first trip at seven weeks old. Before we left, I didn’t consider a blatant issue – bottle washing/drying! I packed my brushes and detergent of course but I found myself with nowhere to dry them except on a questionably clean surface. This brush and drying rack from boon is so clever! It’s small and compact and perfect for hotel stays and overnights at family members’ homes!

Sterilizing Bags

My mother actually sent me these before baby was even born and they are genius! Simply pour in the water and pop the bag into the microwave. You can use the bag up to 20 times before disposal and there’s a handy label on the back to tick off and keep track of each use.

Car Seat Cart

For air travel, you will require a car seat after you land. Traveling with a baby is already stressful but thinking of carrying luggage, baby bags, a stroller, a car seat and the baby virtually gives me a rash. This handy cart makes lugging the car seat through the terminal so much easier and you could probably throw your diaper bag on there too.

Babyzen YoYo

This one is PRICEY but I am amazed by its dexterity. It carries with the weight and ease of a tote bag and literally pops up from nothing with one swift hand motion. Genius.

Fisher Price On The Go Baby

I regret not getting this from birth. It’s a playpen, a bassinet, a sun shade and activity gym! I can see this thing being a winner in the grass at a picnic, at the beach to keep baby shaded and sand free and while traveling it’s a safe place to snooze and play!

boon SPOON

For older babies on solids, the boon spoon is genius for on-to-go feeds! Fill the silicone container with baby’s dinner and squeeze right from the spoon! The maximum height of laziness convenience!

Portable Sound Machine

My husband likes to sleep with a fan drowning out  noise. I like to sleep in silence. So we compromised and slept in silence 😀 However, since having baby we have purchased a sound machine. The white noise definitely keeps her asleep especially in a house with a noisy pup pad-footing around. When we travel to visit family or stay in hotels we have a lot of noise to contend with. A portable sound machine is perfect for such trips. It saves that awkward request of asking your gracious hosts to keep the noise down in their own home!

Baby Road Trip Hacks

  • Last time I was going on a trip I searched for travel-sized baby laundry detergent. Whether it was a pod or simple sachets of detergent, I discovered they were almost as expensive as full sized bottles. Ridiculous! My tip for doing baby laundry on a visit with family is to buy some travel sized cosmetic bottles and fill them with your own detergent. Utilize the tiny spray bottles for stain remover!
  • Zip clothing over snaps. Save the adorable outfits for on your trip. The style is wasted in the car seat and they are so inconvenient when it comes to backseat diaper changes and cramped space feeding/burping. I only put sleepsuits on baby when on the road and preferably ones with a zip!
  • The diaper bag and luggage is already packed with everything but the kitchen sink so I don’t have an additional ‘baby car kit’ that some people pack. BUT I always make sure I have diaper sacks and a roll of paper towels on hand in my back seat pouch. In the event of spit up, a leaky diaper and the resulting wet clothes I can mop up the damage and make sure the wet things and rubbish are contained in a plastic bag.
  • Keep a spare onesie and sleeper SEPARATE from your luggage. This saves a lot of time and frustration if you need to change baby.
  • Have an open mind. I am typically very timeline bound but since having the baby I have become very flexible with the clock. Baby might need to feed often especially in the newborn days. After feeds come diaper changes. The usual four hour road trip can easily become five or six when traffic and re-fueling stops are factored in. You’ve got to relax or everything that can go wrong, will.

What are your best travel hacks? Share the wealth 🙂


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Mountain Getaway: Tallulah Falls & Helen, Georgia

This year was our first Labor Day weekend without a plan. Initially we honed in on Florida. Sick of excessive heat and humidity, we changed our plans on a whim and booked a trip to Northern Georgia. How lucky we were! Florida was a no-go thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine ripping her way right through the state and unfortunately for us, our home was also in her direct path. We left a night early to avoid driving through the storm. On our agenda for the weekend was visiting Helen, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Tallulah Falls, eating some good food and playing a round of golf! Nothing too wild! It turned into an interesting trip…

Mountain Getaway

Helen, Georgia is an Alpine town with a Bavarian feel right in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Apparently with a population of just 430, Helen is the third most visited town in Georgia! After spending so many years traveling around Bavaria, I must admit it does have a genuine Bavarian feel. I would highly recommend it for any military friends pining for their old German duty station!

Helen Georgia

Fussen, Bavaria is the town we would stay at whenever we visited Schloss Neuschwanstein where we got engaged. I was excited to find out that Helen is her sister city!


The architecture and decor is undeniably Bavarian.


Mountain Getaway

We ate at a really authentic German restaurant called Bodensee on the outskirts of town. To find it just cross the bridge on the main street and make an immediate left. Schnitzel after two years without it, really hit the spot!



Mountain Getaway

We spent a few hours walking around Helen, visiting the stores, eating and of course having a Bier! There’s a large parking area with $5/day parking which I don’t think is a bad deal. However if you are staying in Helen then there’s no need to move your car from the hotel. The majority of the hotels are no more than a 10 minute walk away. There’s a lot to do in Helen and around it’s outskirts. One fun family activity is tubing on the Chattahoochee river. For the adults, Oktoberfest starts the weekend after Labor day each year, a fest not to be missed!

Our accommodation destination was Clayton, Georgia. A small town near Tallulah Falls. I won’t talk about where we stayed because frankly, it doesn’t deserve a review. It was the downfall of our trip and we were definitely disappointed to find that it was nothing like advertised and was exorbitantly expensive for the condition it was in. If you like luxury hotel stays, it is very easy to be fooled by fancy (edited) pictures and exaggerated descriptive words. still, we decided to make the most of it and not let the hotel get us down.

That night we decided not to bother eating at our destination and instead ventured into Clayton to The Laurel restaurant at The White Birch Inn. The White Birch Inn is a boutique hotel in the historic part of town and I just about died over the decor in there. It all made sense when I read the owner is an interior designer! If only we’d booked a room there – divine!

Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

Saturday was hike day! Tallulah Gorge State Park is located in the town of Tallulah Falls, just 20 minutes away from Clayton. I was excited for this for a while but I was initially disappointed by how short the trails were. Don’t get me wrong there are many trails but the best and most fun are for experienced hikers with real deal equipment. Someone I am not. So only two trails were available to me and my abilities. We found that one of those (South Rim trail) was a no-go due to a 600 step descent, something that was unfortunately a health concern for me at the time.

I must also add that if you are one of those hardcore hikers planning to visit the park this Autumn to hike to the gorge basin where the sliding rock/beach area is, it is closed due to dam maintenance until Memorial Day of 2017.

Mountain Getaway

The paths are easy and quite open (I was worried about this due to the many snakes inhabiting the park). In some areas the paths narrow and there’s lots of roots to wary of. In wet weather it can be pretty soft and slippery. Obviously appropriate footwear is a necessity.

Mountain Getaway

If you do attempt the descent on the South Rim trail then you will arrive at the suspension bridge which allows you to cross the gorge.

Mountain Getaway

We hiked he North Rim trail to ‘Inspiration Point’ where your eyes are treated to this stunning view! There’s a perfectly placed bench up there to sit and take it all in after your walk. This trail has a steep incline and while the path isn’t difficult, it gets quite tough in hot weather. Despite the short trail (2.5 miles) do not start it without water.

Mountain Getaway

The beauty of the park is amazing. It was so nice to be away from the crippling humidity of coastal Georgia. To breathe in fresh air and hear the rush of the water from the various falls reminded me of home!

The saving grace of our hotel was that it had a relatively decent golf course for my husband to play a round on. I tagged along for the fun/companionship but didn’t play. I did try my hand at swinging some clubs though. It was pretty enjoyable just to take in a beautiful serene mountain view. Even if I was trying to avoid being thrown from a golf cart by the world’s most erratic cart driver. Not to name any names…




Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

One of my favorite parts of this trip was my morning coffee. That sounds really sad but I just really appreciate funky little coffee houses that are NOT serving me Starbucks. It turns out that The White Birch Inn also has an adjoining store/coffee shop call White Birch Provisions. Again I was in love with the design. It helped that the coffee and pastries were just as perfect!

Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

Mountain Getaway

Have you been to any of these locations and what was your favorite?







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Car Essentials For A Long Road Trip

Ah the days of living in Ireland when I was blissfully unaware of the great American road trip and all it entails! When I would climb into the car and hit the road from Waterford to Mayo and think that 5 hours on the road was FOREVER. Now a five hour road trip is like a brief Sunday spin to me.

Car Essentials For A Long Road Trip

In the last 18 months we have driven over 11,000 miles (props to my husband who did ALL of that as I waited for my license!). From Georgia to Alabama and Florida multiple times and to Missouri and Ohio for special occasions. Soon we embark on a 21 hour journey from Northern Wisconsin to Georgia. I am now a seasoned veteran of the great state-wide road trip!

Aside from the back aching pain from sitting in car seats for extended periods of time, there are many obstacles you could run into on a long road trip. I’ve compiled this guide of essentials to make your journey as comfortable and seemingly quick as possible!

For Kids

  • If you’re fancy, seat back entertainment systems loaded with animated movies
  • Tablets or iPods. Even for the anti-technology parent, it will keep them relatively quiet and save your sanity
  • Travel versions of their favorite classic board games
  • Activites (coloring, Etch-A-Sketch, mess free markers etc.)
  • Books (stories, puzzles, quiz etc.)
  • Favorite comfort item whether it be a toy, blanket or pillow
  • A map of where you are traveling to point out locations and educate them along the way (unless you don’t want to hear, “where are we NOW?” every 5 minutes!)
  • Stomach friendly snacks
  • Water
  • Sick bags (sorry for the TMI but it’s that or spend ages cleaning up at the roadside)
  • Small washcloth to dampen and place on forehead if they feel ill

For Pets

  • Front seat barrier or hammock to keep Fido from clambering in on top of the driver
  • A canvas/mesh travel bag for a small dog or pet safety belt clip for a larger dog’s harness to keep him secure
  • Blankets
  • Water bowl with enough bottled water for the length of the journey
  • Food
  • Waste bags
  • Towel
  • Dog cologne (yes, it may sound weird but if you make a pit stop and pup gets wet then you’re completing the rest of your journey with the strong aroma of wet dog – fabulous!)

For The Car

  • Get a service and have your oil changed in advance
  • Jump Cables
  • Contact numbers for roadside assistance
  • Satellite Navigation System
  • I like the WAZE app for checking on potential upcoming hazards/traffic delays
  • Cigarette lighter USB adapter for charging your devices
  • Power bank for your phone
  • Car freshener. Road smells, farm smells, in-car smells…just have one!
  • Car seat organizer to hang on the back of the front seats and contain all the kids activities. No more “Where’s myyyyyy….?”
  • A map. A good old fashioned paper map!
  • An emergency kit in the back stocked with a first aid kit, towel, wet wipes, sun screen, umbrella, snacks and lots of bottled water

For Your Sanity

  • Dress comfortably but appropriately. You may leave in snow and arrive in the tropics or vice versa.
  • Your choice of entertainment (books, audio books, magazines, mobile devices loaded with movies/e-books/music playlists etc.)
  • Camera/Video camera. It might be fun to vlog your drive. Unless tensions are running high then it will at least provide evidence afterwards…
  • A blanket. Unless you have dual control heating then one may be hotter/colder than the other and the driver gets to be most comfortable in my eyes
  • A pillow. I keep a small one to place behind my back, to sleep against or to put under my feet when my legs get restless
  • Fluffy socks. You know the fuzzy bed ones? They keep cold feet toasty and are super comfy!
  • Snacks that won’t cause any discomfort
  • Gum (chewing it will take your mind off a sick stomach if you don’t follow the above!)
  • Gallons of hand sanitizer. I don’t even need to tell you about the condition of some of the restrooms you will stop at along the way.
  • Wet wipes to freshen your face/body throughout the drive
  • A cooler stocked with water/iced coffee (for that good caffeine!). Take a flask full of hot coffee/tea if iced isn’t your style. Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Sunglasses and lip balm are two small things I often forget but make my journey very uncomfortable – don’t make the same mistake.


My greatest tip of all would be to just relax. So many times I have been anxious over arrival and hotel check-in times that I have found  those are the journeys where you run into 2 hour stand-stills on the Interstate. Certainly plan ahead places for pit-stops and places to sleep that night but be flexible in the fact that although you may leave at 6am for a 10 hour drive, an arrival time of 6pm is not out of the realms of possibility. Allow for traffic, roadworks, extended stops etc. Life happens. Go with it! Play old school games like eye spy and count license plates. One of my favorite past times in the car is to read ridiculous billboards aloud to my husband and destroy every country music lyric there ever was by speaking it and analyzing the ridiculousness.

For example,

“First thing we make you feel better. Next stop we pull it all together. I’ll keep you warm like a sweater. Hold on forever”


If you have a long road trip soon, happy travels my lovelies!


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What To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

Do you have an upcoming trip to Ireland but no idea what to pack? One of the questions I get asked many times in America is if it rains all the time in Ireland. I think most Irish people will answer with a resounding “yes” but in truth, it doesn’t! We definitely have our unfair share of cold, overcast and dreary days which monopolize any memories of sunshine. We certainly do have unfortunate spells of wet weather but ‘all the time’ seems like an exaggeration to me. Ireland is a beautiful country and when the sun shines it is out of this world!

What To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

You could arrive in Ireland and be greeted with a miserable period of wet weather or a stretch of brilliant, warm, sunshine but more than likely you will experience a whole range of weather systems in one day! Packing for all eventualities and a variety of different activities can be hard work. Add in the complications of carry-on luggage if you aren’t the type to check a bag. Whether it’s an extended stay touring Ireland or the first leg of a larger European trip, I will provide you with some tips to make packing for Ireland stress-free, practical and stylish!

What To Pack For Ireland

VERSATILITY. Choose versatile, mix & match items of clothing. If you’re traveling during the Winter then shorts and sun dresses clearly won’t be required. I find it an awful lot easier to dress for cold weather. Choose neutral colored sweaters or cardigans to wear over jeans or trousers. If you’re visiting during milder times then these items can also we worn with capris and shorts.

LAYERS. Layers are key when packing for volatile weather. In Summer pack tank tops, tees and shirts to layer over shorts/jeans. In Winter, thermal long sleeved t-shirts are exceptional at keeping you warm under lightweight sweaters but still allowing you to wear a warm jacket and scarf without looking and feeling like the Michelin man.

RAIN COAT. Invest in a good rain coat. Don’t scrimp on your style, there’s a vast quantity of trendy, practical rain coats on the market. Bad weather doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck wearing an ugly pac-a-mac a-la the 90’s. I can only dream of the Burberry Trench Mac!

Coats To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


BOOTS. I wear boots from probably October to April in Ireland. I won’t even tell you how many pairs I own. If you’re not into boots then splash out on a comfortable walking shoe. The Cliffs of Moher or Giant’s Causeway won’t be kind to your $15 Forever 21 ballet pumps. In fact, in a shower of rain they will probably disintegrate. If you’re more casual and prefer the likes of Converse or athletic shoes then I suggest something leather rather than fabric. Even if it doesn’t rain you might find yourself walking through grass, dirt or sand.

Boots To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


Shoes To Wear On A Trip To Ireland


GET PHYSICAL. Pack your fitness gear if you’re that way inclined. There are endless hiking and biking opportunities throughout the country, not to mention gym facilities at your hotel it would be rather annoying to have to repurchase that stuff.

ACCESSORIES. Accessories are your best friends. No I don’t mean oversized earrings or a feather boa. I’m talking about hats, scarves and gloves! Whether it’s a peaked cap, wool beanie or stylish fedora – Ireland can be breezy. A lot of the most beautiful things to see here are in mountainous areas and along the coast or bodies of open water, it WILL be breezy even in the Summer. As for scarves, light ‘summer scarves’ can more or less always be worn and come in handy on those windy excursions. During the Winter a chunky knit scarf will not go astray.

Accessories To Wear On A Trip To Ireland

ESSENTIALS. Always and I mean always have a compact umbrella tucked away in your bag. You might pull it out for 5 minutes or 5 hours but either way you’ll be dry. You can probably leave the insect repellent at home but always pack sun cream and lip balm – you’d be surprised how sneaky the sun can be even when it’s freezing out and the elements are never kind to your lips. I like to take my camera everywhere and also utilize the camera on my phone. Power banks are handy little gadgets for long days on the go. Google maps is a must have f you rent a car in Ireland or even if you just wander around cities.

Handbag Essentials On A Trip To Ireland

I hope this post makes choosing what to pack for Ireland easier, check out my other post on Packing Your Bags Like A Pro for additional packing tips!

Bon Voyage!


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Staying Sane While Traveling

Being Irish and living in America, long haul flights are inevitable as is having to traverse many airports alone due my husband’s limited free time for traveling. If someone were to ask me off the top of my head what is the greatest necessity for a long distance flight, aside from being seated in first class I would say – having 14 inch legs. Those seats are no joke. Spending 8-10 hours sitting more upright than if you were in a full body cast is a little less than comfortable but until I win the lottery, economy awaits…

staying Sane While Traveling

I’ve traveled back and forth from Ireland to Europe and from Ireland to the US alone many times. Traveling alone is freeing, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It is also very lonely and can be stressful when it comes to lugging bags, virtually re-dressing yourself after the security line and just for general companionship. It’s always nice to have someone there to help you out and vice versa.

I’m about to embark on my 10th trans-atlantic flight and I want to share some of the lessons learned and things I take with me in order to make traveling somewhat comfortable and dare I say, enjoyable. This is just what works for me and is by no means a hard and fast rule for everyone.

My Personal Grievances While Traveling

Security Lines

“Where did I put the clear plastic bag of bottles?” // “Why do I have a laptop, a tablet and a camera with me?” // What if I beep and my stuff goes through and gets stolen while I’m being patted down?” // “Why is the agent SO rude?”

Cue sweaty scrambling to put things back into the bag (that was once so organized), put back on my shoes, watch and belt all the while getting out of the way of the angry man yelling at everyone to KEEP IT MOVING.

  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on
  • Ladies: wear an outfit that doesn’t require a belt
  • Remove your watch prior to joining the line or don’t wear it at all that day
  • Have your liquids already in a clear bag in an accessible, preferably separate compartment in your bag
  • Put your passport and boarding card away, by this point they should have been checked.
  • Keep a close eye on your bag/tray on the carousel at all times
  • Be obliging if they need to open your bag – you don’t want to be there any longer than you have to be
  • Ignore the grumpy security people – they’re not going anywhere nice 🙂

Gate Announcements

A lot of airports are so big and/or so busy your gate number will not be on your boarding pass at check-in, especially if you check in early. You need to carefully watch the flight information boards for you gate number and then watch it for change.

Not that I had to run to the opposite end of a different terminal at Munich airport once…

At the Gate/Boarding

People. People are my grievance here.

STANDING UP 45 MINUTES BEFORE BOARDING just because the attendant has come to his/her station. Irish people are the worst for this and I want to stomp like a toddler every time I witness it.


On Board

Don’t pretend you don’t sit watching every person enter the plane and pray it’s not them coming to fill the empty seat beside you. And when they do, pray they get the general idea that after a polite smile, inserting headphones into your ears means “I won’t be speaking anymore, goodnight”.

And what is with the people who fill the overhead bins with jackets forcing you to put your wheelie bag three rows down?! NO.

Or the ones who stand up to get something from their bag approximately 75 times before take-off and again at 38,000ft, 150 more times. What could possibly be in that thing that you need so desperately that often?! Keep it under you feet!

How To Board A Plane Like A Courteous Human Being

  • Wait until your boarding zone is called. You aren’t getting on board before it so sit down
  • Don’t run through the tunnel like a child entering The Magic Kingdom. Your seat is there waiting for you
  • When you get on board hold your bag tightly and neatly within the width of your body. Do not bang it off every single already seated passenger
  • When you get your seat have your coat already off and stow your bags while IN your row, if that’s not possible then do it quickly and smoothly

Finally, How To Enjoy Your Long Haul Flight

Make sure you have all your necessities from your overhead bag BEFORE you get comfortable or stow them beneath the seat in front of you

At hand, I suggest having

  • a book/tablet/laptop (whatever your choice of entertainment is)
  • a bottle of water
  • snacks
  • something warm, be it a blanket or your jacket
  • neck pillow
  • hand wipes/hand sanitizer
  • your cosmetic bag (if you’re that way inclined)

Make the most of the in-flight movies. If you aren’t the type to sleep on a flight like me then you’d be surprised how quickly a long flight goes while watching some good films!

Some airlines are better than others for offering beverages and snacks. In most cases soft drinks and wine are complimentary and snacks/meals are brought quite often this too, makes the flight go surprisingly quickly.

Use the lavatories. Duh, right? It’s daunting for some people but avoiding it is only going to make you seriously uncomfortable.

Move your legs around! It can be extremely dangerous to sit stationery at such an altitude for long periods of time. Wiggle your legs around if you don’t want to go for a walk.

I like to get a window seat where possible. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if the rare opportunity arises for me to sleep I can turn towards the window and get my snooze.

Enjoy the view! On my last flight from Orlando to Dublin it was amazing to see daylight on the horizon while still sitting in the darkness of the night. Somewhere over Greenland I looked out only to see the Aurora Borealis – I wanted to scream for everyone to check it out but that wouldn’t have been acceptable! It was stunning. I passed 35 minutes  just watching those amazing dancing green lights.

My final tip…RELAX and enjoy! Traveling is a blessing so many don’t get to experience.


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Dog Friendly Savannah

Finding dog friendly activities can be very difficult. In fact a lot of people will tell you that having a human puppy is a heck of a lot more convenient. For now, I will ignore their thinly veiled hints and continue with my furbaby adventures!

Dog Friendly Savannah

Back home in Ireland, not counting walking areas, there are virtually no dog friendly activities to partake in. When my husband expressed an interest in getting a puppy I was instantly reluctant. Being in the military means training missions, deployments and moving all at the drop of a hat. With his family out of state and mine on another continent it worried me that I would have no support if we both had to go somewhere without him.

After much deliberation we got our puppy (more on him later) and quickly discovered that we lived in a city voted one of the the most dog friendly in the United States. Lucky us him!

Below are just some of our favorite things to do with our puppy and some still on our list!

Everything You Need For a Dog Friendly Weekend In Savannah!



  • Many of Savannah’s walking tours are dog friendly but Oliver Bentley’s Historic Dog Walk Tour has phenomenal ratings. Walk around downtown Savannah taking in its rich history with your dog by your side.
  • Savannah’s famous Forsyth Park is beautiful and dog friendly! Sit on the lawn with a picnic or stroll along the Spanish Moss canopied avenues.
  • Take a walk down the cobbles of River Street, stop for a bite to eat at one of the many outdoor restaurant tables and grab a slushy at Wet Willies 😉
  • A little outside Downtown Savannah is Skidaway Island State Park on the intracoastal waterway. A wilderness of maritime forest to explore – just make sure your dog is on a 6ft leash.


  •  Enjoy the outdoor tables of Belford’s Savannah Seafood and Steaks right in the hustle and bustle of City Market. Belford’s serves top notch surf and turf and is popular for Sunday brunch.
  • Moon River Brewing Company has a beer garden attached to the main restaurant/brewhouse. The menu is more limited than inside but the atmosphere is relaxed and the beer is delicious! The friendly staff will bring  water and a treat for your pup.
  • B&D Burgers Bar & Grill also has a dog friendly beer garden and is a must try for those looking for a great burger with vegetarian and gluten free options.
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream is a Savannah ice cream staple, serving delicious chilled treats since 1919. The best part? They make a special doggy sundae topped with biscuit treat.


  • Woof Gang Bakery is the sweetest little boutique pet store selling gourmet treats and trendy accessories. The staff are so kind and helpful and your pup will love exploring all the scents the place has to offer.
  • Oliver Bentley’s sells all natural and eco-friendly artisanal dog products so if you have a fussy pup this is your go-to for human-grade, organic & gluten-free goodies!
  • The Savannah Bee Company on River Street is also dog friendly (among others) but it might be more exciting for the pawrents!

I will say one thing, for the love of DOG please pick up after your pup!

Dog Friendly Savannah

Got more awesome dog friendly Savannah suggestions ? Do let me know!




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Packing Your Bags Like A Pro

Packing Like A Pro

Packing. Is there a more laborious task? How can something so awful be associated with something as lovely as travel? Ugh. But I promise you, packing doesn’t have to be the stuff of nightmares. If you do the ground work, the task itself is a doddle.

I am the self-professed packing QUEEN! After many years of frequent European travel and going trans-Atlantic to the USA (with a carry-on!) I have the equivalent of a PhD in the subject.

Physically, packing is not difficult. What is difficult is considering what you want to wear, what the weather at your destination calls for, the duration of your stay etc. This is the step that people often skip thus ending up in an 8 hour packing nightmare the night before traveling.

I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. In fact, my husband would probably call my organizational habits obsessive crazy. If I’m traveling, I will begin to prepare up to two weeks prior, yes really.

How To Minimize Packing Stress

  • One-two weeks before you are due to leave look at the long range weather forecast at your destination. Unless it is changing drastically by the day you should have a fair idea of the local weather and in turn, the type of clothing and outerwear you may need. If it is changing dramatically then you will need to have clothing for opposing forecasts on hand.
  • Do laundry at least one week before. Having everything you are considering bringing at hand makes life very easy when it comes to zipping that bag up on time!
  • Make any travel related purchases a week in advance if possible. Packing can seem daunting enough, shopping in order to be able to pack is even worse.
  • Make sure your passport, travel insurance and currency exchange is in order. Who needs a bank run on travel day? Please! Airports are stressful enough.
  • Pour your toiletries into small travel bottles in advance of your trip. Large and bulky full-sized shower gels and lotions will add ridiculous amounts of weight to your bag.

Hot weather vacations are probably the easiest type of trip to pack for. The contents of your luggage are pretty self explanatory: swimwear; beachwear; dinner-time. Done. The same could be said for a cold weather getaway. Snow apparel for day-time, chunky knits and boots for dinner etc. City breaks however, can be more difficult to plan for. Especially European travel where the weather can be rather erratic.

Choosing The Right Clothing

  • Bring staple pieces that can be worn multiple ways. For example your favorite jeans that can be dressed up for dinner and worn casually during the day. Or a cardigan that will provide some warmth in the day with shorts and also over your dress for dinner.
  • Always bring more tops than bottoms.
  • If you think you have too many shoes, you do. Reconsider the 5″ stilettos. The cobble streets of Medieval Prague won’t be kind to your little piggies.
  • Bring a jacket. The one thing you may not end up wearing but won’t regret taking up space in your bag.
  • Wide brimmed felt or wool hats (a huge favorite of mine) are very popular at the moment and make for a stylish look while being super practical in a breezy/wet city situation.
  • Don’t compromise your personal style, just think minimally. Less is definitely more while traveling.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Lay out everything you’re bringing in such a way that you can see everything.
  • Put shoes and boots on the bottom and in them roll underwear, tank tops, any other small items of clothing and accessories.
  • Move on to the ‘next smallest’ items of clothing and roll (roll from a flat,neat fold to ensure that they won’t crease), then place them into the gaps created on the bottom of the case by your shoes.
  • At this point you should have ‘built’ a flat, gap-less layer.
  • Now you can add any cosmetic bags, building up the rest of the layer with jeans and shorts.
  • Finally the top layer should be designated for dresses, skirts and delicate items such as tops and blouses that will easily crease. By allowing them plenty of space to minimally fold them they should survive the journey unscathed.
  • Unless you have plenty of room, wear you coat and hat traveling.

When you’re done with your main bag, pack your handbag while you’re still in packing mode.

You are set!

Go have fun on your travels you jetsetter (you’re prepared after all!)


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Southern Living: Unique Things About The South

Southern Living

Southern Living was a magazine. Then it became my life.

“It’s official, Georgia here we come” – my husband.

Life in Ireland was the familiar, life in Germany was exciting but life in the deep south of the USA? It was going to take many hours of research before I accepted southern living. Cue dread, panic and visualizations of every southern stereotype you’ve ever seen in the movies.

The one glimmer of hope for me was that our would-be home was located in coastal Georgia. For someone who grew up living 15 minutes from the beach, this was a massive win!

I can confirm that after a year of living here – the proximity to the Atlantic ocean is about the only commonality between south east Georgia and Ireland. No amount of Google searching could have ever  prepared me for the culture shock.

12 Unique Things About Southern Living

  1. The Humidity. Oh, the humidity. From late March to mid-October already sky-high temperatures rise by twenty (and then some) more degrees. Your hands are permanently sticky, your sunglasses cloud over and a top knot is your only viable hair style. On a more positive note, a trip to the sauna is never required!
  2. The Slow Pace. For leisurely activities, this is great! Southerners are in no hurry to do anything. For business and services – not so much. You need to have patience with this one. Southern businesses often have no worries cancelling appointments, prolonging service times and generally just getting the job done on their own time. Maybe it’s the crippling humidity!
  3. Country Music. ALL THE TIME and everywhere. You can claim to the ends of the earth how much you hate it but I challenge you to make it through three months without humming along to those catchy tunes.
  4. The Food. Biscuits and Gravy, Fried Chicken, Shrimp and Grits, BBQ etc. trying to eat healthy in the south is like trying to brush your teeth with oreos.
  5. Jesus. He’s a big deal around here. Faith is southern cultural staple. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a church. Come to think of it, you can’t even purchase home ware without wading through aisles of crosses and Bible scripture decor. They don’t call it the Bible Belt for nothing.
  6. Manners. Go one day without being called Sir/Ma’am – another challenge!
  7. The Soundtrack. Fans, cicadas, crickets, frog calls and the rustling in a nearby scrub (you don’t want to investigate, trust me! A rattle does not mean there’s a baby nearby). The south provides your ear drums with a cacophony of sounds.
  8. Porch Sitting. Is there anything quite like sitting in a rocking chair on your porch listening to the a fore mentioned sounds? Yes, actually. Sitting in a screened-in porch listening to it.
  9. The Bugs. From gnats to mosquitoes and every grimy little pest in between. They are everywhere and they will get you – which is why you need that screen on your porch! Insect repellent is part of your weekly grocery shop.
  10. Spanish Moss. Growing from Texas to Virginia, Spanish Moss can be seen draped over Live Oak and Cypress trees. It’s distinctly southern and reminds me to no end of Nicholas Sparks movies!
  11. Sass! The blog’s namesake. Probably best known in Ireland as ‘cheek’. Southern girls are as sassy as they are sweet!
  12. The Lingo. This deserves and will get a post of it’s own but “y’all” needs a mention. Any more than one person warrants a “y’all” but go beyond four or five and you might get “all y’all”! Check out the rules here!





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