Cactus Gifts For Every Succulent Lover

Did I ever mention how obsessed I am with succulents? Maybe just a few times, like in this post and all the others. Move over pineapples, this year’s hot Summer motif is the cactus! As if the plants themselves weren’t adorable already now I cannot get enough of cactus themed everything. As obsessed as I am, all I have is a dish towel, a water bottle and a notebook. I think that shows some restraint. However, after doing my research for this post I think I’m going to acquire a lot more. If you love them – you’re welcome. If you hate them – you’re still welcome! I think you’ll win serious brownie points by gifting one of these to the succulover in your life.

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Cactus Gifts For Every Succulent Lover

Cactus Gifts For Every Succulent Lover

The Beach Bum

The Homemaker

The Girl Boss

The Moms

Yep, there goes my bank balance because I literally added everything on this list to my wishlist. Sigh…

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  1. I love succulents! I have killed like 3 of mine this year! Apparently I am better with certain plants than others. I have kept my one geranium alive since 2015 and I can grow plants outside like nobodies business. My sunflowers, wildflowers, and cotton are doing so good!

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