Ankle Boots: Splurge V Save

Boots are my favorite part of Autumn-Winter. I love everything about Winter style. The colors, the textures and the layers! However I quickly learned that here in Georgia, Winter doesn’t show up until the occasional day in January. Kind of like how Summer appears in Ireland one day every July. Although I may not be able to bear the heat from my Winter woolies I cannot give up my beloved boots. I’ve compromised and made the switch to ankle boots, relatively unknown territory for me. I typically am the calf-high boot’s biggest fan. Here are some of my favorite new season booties – hopefully I’ve included something for everyone!

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

The Peep Toe

These peep toe shoe-boots will take you from day to night. Dress up casual jeans during the day and pair with a dress for date night!

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save(1)

Splurge @ Dillards

Save @ Forever 21


The Classic Chelsea

Chelsea boots appear to never go out of style which means even if you splurge, you’ll be wearing them for years. The classic equestrian vibe compliments denim perfectly. I love to complete the look with a plaid shirt and padded vest.

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

Splurge @ Nordstrom

Save @ ASOS

The Patent

Dress down a feminine dress with these classic patent booties. Pair with black tights and a leather jacket for an edgy look.

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

Splurge @ Nordstrom

Save @ River Island



The 80s Revival

These are my favorite! I love the sharp 80’s style pointed toe.  These boots would look fabulous with everything and the pointed toe elongates the leg!

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

Splurge @ Nordstrom

Save @ Old Navy

The Buckle

The perfect day to day boot. The buckled heel is totally on-trend as well as the suede and leather texture mix.

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

Splurge @ Nordstrom

Save @


The Western Twist

Cowboy boots aren’t exactly easy to wear with everything (although here in the South many would argue!) these fringed boots offer a western vibe without going all out!

Ankle Boots Splurge V Save

Splurge @ Nordstrom

Save @ Target


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  1. I told myself I’d treat myself to a pair of booties this Fall and I haven’t found any that don’t cost me a small fortune … that’s until you pointed me towards some budget friendly options.

  2. LOVE all types of boots. My favorites are from a company called Olberte. They’re a little more expensive but are fair trade and totally worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE ankle boots. I just splurged on a pair from Steve Madden and I am dying to wear them. Now after seeing all these great dupes, I wish I would have waited and bought two pairs instead of one expensive pair! Great list!

  4. I’ve never seen anything like this, this must have taken some time and research, thank you for doing this 🙂

  5. I love wearing boots in the fall/winter seasons. The buckle and the western twist are my favorites. I would go with the splurge personally because I’m a bargain shopper and always will be 🙂

  6. This is great! I love ankle boots and of various styles. My feet don’t really suit the peep toe, but I do love the other classic looks. I like how you gave a splurge and save option for each style. Thank you!

  7. I bought a pair for boots from Forever 21 five years ago and they are still going strong! I think the store gets a bad rep for being fast fashion, but some of their stuff is good quality!

  8. Okay i really love the 80s revival, western twist, and the chelsea boots. And the patent! You just reminded me that I need a pair of patent boots. I got myself a pair of Blundstone chelsea boots last year for a ridiculously good price, only to discover why they were so cheap, when they scratched up SO easily = ( I never wear them because of that. I am starting to get really excited for fall style too, it is my favorite by far. By like middle of July, I get really sick of all of my dresses that I feel I am just rotating for work week by week and at least with fall/winter you can change things up with tights. And I am really not a fan of shorts so summer style is not my favorite, although it can be fun too!

    1. Summer wear bores me too. I think we tend to own less of it and so it’s easy to become less than enthused getting dressed every day. Also the heat doesn’t inspire me to get done up only to melt it all off lol

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