Advice To My Younger Self

Younger Self

I have arrived in the adult world! Now what? While we’re all busy ‘winging it’ daily, have you ever stopped and thought about what a younger version of yourself would do when faced with the trials of adulthood?

It provoked a long thought process, reflecting on the changes in myself over the last 10 years, although I think the most important differences have occurred over the last 2.

I spent my former years waiting for this specific period of time when my life would begin. I could do what I wanted, whenever I wanted and worries would be few. Just typing that last statement made me almost spit out my water! HA! What planet was I living on? If someone would have told me worries would be tenfold and my choices would be even more limited, I would’ve Peter Pan’d it all the way to Neverland!

This social media obsessed generation is throwing out the world ‘adulting’ a lot lately. At first it made me chuckle as I have a penchant for making everything into a verb. But now I’m coming to dislike the word immensely. It’s becoming the ‘I hate Mondays’ of trendy social media jargon.

“Adulting is hard without coffee” // “I can’t even adult today” etc.

It’s losing it’s cutesy, humorous vibe and is now moonlighting as another excuse to complain about how hard life is. It’s ironic really because the theme tune of ‘adulting’ probably isn’t whining. (That’s whining with a ‘h’, not ‘wining’ which is one of my favorite past-times!)

7 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

  1. Don’t let others’ opinions of you affect your thoughts/decisions/plans. You know that person who made your life hell in school? So what if they said X about Y? After school you won’t see them again or give them a second thought until passive-aggressively mentioning them in a blog post a decade later!
  2. Don’t think other people are out to get you. You aren’t the center of the universe and they’re only thinking of themselves. Their actions aren’t personal.
  3. Do be true to who you are. Integrity is your greatest attribute. Stand up for what you believe in, you cannot please every single person and maintain authenticity simultaneously.
  4. If something is making you utterly miserable, let it go. Dump the guy, leave the course, quit the job etc. Happiness is everything.
  5. Shut your mouth. Seriously. If you feel you shouldn’t say something or have nothing good to say about something then do not say it.
  6. Forgive. Dust the chip off your shoulder, look at the problem/person with fresh eyes and save the grudge for never. Resentment is poison.
  7. Be prepared for many, many bumps in the road. As prepared as a human being can be. Have flexibility, adaptability, practice forgive and optimism – all those things that seem next to impossible.

But if I knew then, how life would be now I would’ve saved myself many tears and headaches. Resistance to change is a natural human response but my greatest epiphany thus far has been that growing up isn’t necessarily changing, just learning. I wouldn’t be here reflecting on these lessons if I hadn’t been through what I have and handled it as I did.

If you had one word of advice for your younger self, what would it be?


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  1. i liked your concept of setting advice for a younger self. But i would say that these advice would probably be a guide for those youngsters who would be prevented to make mistakes that you might have made in those situations. It was a very nice read.

  2. This is great advice, both to our younger selves and ourselves today. It’s very profound and thought out. I really enjoyed reading it! Great post!

  3. I got your newsletter with this post on this morning, I love reading things like this! I would 100% love to go back in time and tell myself some of these things. It’s so easy as a teenager to get caught up in emotions and think the world’s about to end! But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! hat’s what i would say to myself 🙂

  4. It’s true to say that the older you get the less you care about what other people think, I believe most people would tell their younger selves to relax, and not to worry about others opinions! Reading this was like a little reminder for me too so thanks! Great read for my Wednesday afternoon!

  5. You nailed the one thing I would tell my younger self – Happiness is everything….actually I must remind myself of this still. Our happiness impacts our emotional, mental and physical state. Great post!

  6. If I could go back, I would tell myself to do many things differently, but there are also many things that I would leave just as they are! 🙂

  7. I would tell myself no to regret some things/decisions even if they seem bad because you can actually learn something great form that. I would also tell myself to keep pursuing my dreams even if everybody is against them. Boormaking this post.

  8. These are the things I’m trying to learn and implement now. #1, #3, and #4 are probably the most challenging things I experience now. At the end of the day, I have to what makes me happy.

  9. I love the “shut your mouth!” feedback to your younger self. Looking back, there are many times when I would have served myself and those around me much better had I just hushed and left something lie. It’s amazing to me that some people constantly need to have the last word in a conversation–those individuals are also in dire need of this little tip!

  10. I think about this quite often. About what i would say to my younger self if my younger self was sitting across the table from me. I must admit its alot. I don’t know if that means that I have many regrets which I always say I don’t have because every single circumstance has brought me to where I am now. But if there’s one thing I would definitely drill into my younger self’s head it would be to be confident and make better friends!

    1. I think EVERYONE has regrets. I definitely do. I don’t mind having regrets once I don’t dwell on them but I think it’s natural to always think of alternatives in hindsight!

  11. You know, even now that I am almost 30 I still find those things hard sometimes. So it’s good to repeat this and read this again in your post. Shut your mouth part especially. I can sometimes be to direct when I don’t even mean it bad haha.

  12. Yes happiness is everything! So many people stick to things that they hate in life out of habit or because they feel like they can’t make a change but usually there is a way out!

  13. I love all your advice to your younger self, “Shut your mouth” made me laugh, and I also wonder how much unnecessary grief that little nugget of wisdom might have saved me!

    My life was such a mess when I was young, I think I’d just let my younger self know that we’re all stronger than we think, and it’ll all turn out better than he could imagine.

  14. I love these kinds of posts. I think I would tell myself to go for it. Do not hold back and take risks.

  15. These are all great, every young person should hear these! <3 I would tell myself that I should not push certain people away.. because now they are no longer here.

  16. I’ve said a lot of the things you said. I particularly like the second one, that is, don’t think everyone is out to get you. I always believe that I am not the center of the universe and that I should always act properly.

  17. If I could turn back time 10 years and give myself advice, it would be to remind my younger self to be fearless about what I am passionate about. 10 years ago, I was sophomore in high school and afraid of how the world would judge me for all my beliefs. Now I’ve learned that the only way to make your passions become your ‘dream come true’ is through letting go of the fear of what others might say about it. Be yourself, Be authentic. Be you!


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